logo_onlyOur vision is to lead monthly meetings that educate Christians and others of the importance of being involved in our democracy and the relevance of Christianity in every area of life. We will develop a deeper and broader knowledge of issues, government, our democracy and their relationship to God’s Word and truth. We will also learn more about candidates, elected officials and the legislative and electoral process in a non-partisan format. We will do this by forming a team, from the body, who will help to research, follow and present pertinent issues and topics. Individuals will be organized into focus groups and assigned to specific issues [ex: stem cell research] or topics [ex: local education- Broward County K-12], where they have some expertise, knowledge, or interest. They will then research and follow their assignment and then periodically report on it. We will do the same for candidates and elected officials. We will pursue relevant and qualified speakers and materials to augment our discussions.

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